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Mandarin Syrup 12-750 ml Glass

The mandarin orange, or mandarin, is a citrus fruit resembling a small orange, but with a sweeter taste than most oranges. Many types of mandarins exist and one of the most well known reddish orange varieties is the tangerine, although this is not a botanical classification. The fruit originated in South East Asia and the Philippines; nowadays the largest producer of mandarins is China.
Monin Mandarin Syrup conveys all the delicious sweetness of mandarin oranges and can be used in countless beverages. Its low acidity gives it additional versatility in beverages containing dairy.
  • Applications:
Mochas, lemonades, cocktails, iced teas, flavored sodas, Italian sodas, frozen beverages 
  • Tasting notes:
Tangerine-like aroma and taste, sweet and tart flavor with hint of citrus peel
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Offering Premium Gourmet, Organic and Sugar Free Syrups; Beverage Concentrates; Sweeteners; Gourmet Sauces and new Fruit Purées; all Monin products are:
·        Flash pasteurized to ensure freshness and quality
·        Shelf stable, requiring no refrigeration
·        Highly concentrated to achieve exceptional flavor in your beverages
·        Versatile for multiple beverage applications
·        Kosher certified
·        Gluten free
·        GMO free
Through innovation, passion for our products, and high standards, Monin continually strives to be the single source provider for all your flavoring needs.

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