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Monin Vanilla Sugar Free Syrup,1L

To create the finest Vanilla syrup in the world, we start with the finest Vanilla extract in the world. For more than 90 years, Monin has been using premium Vanilla extract from Madagascar.
This pure extract is what gives Monin Vanilla the superior taste that makes the difference in your recipes. The recognized flavor profile of Monin Vanilla is now available in sugar free, ideal for low-calorie and diabetic lifestyles.
Popular Monin O’free Vanilla Syrup can enhance virtually any beverage. Monin O’free Vanilla Syrup is used as the main flavor and also combined with other Monin O’free flavors.
Like all other Monin O’free flavors, Monin O’free Vanilla Syrup offers superb gourmet flavor and traditional syrup texture, yet it is free of sugar, calories and aftertaste.
  • Tasting Notes

Mild, sweet aroma and taste of Vanilla bean

  • Applications

Specialty coffee beverages: lattes, mochas, Hot and iced coffee, Steamers,  Sodas, Cream Sodas, Smoothies / Shakes

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Offering Premium Gourmet, Organic and Sugar Free Syrups; Beverage Concentrates; Sweeteners; Gourmet Sauces and new Fruit Purées; all Monin products are:
·        Flash pasteurized to ensure freshness and quality
·        Shelf stable, requiring no refrigeration
·        Highly concentrated to achieve exceptional flavor in your beverages
·        Versatile for multiple beverage applications
·        Kosher certified
·        Gluten free
·        GMO free
Through innovation, passion for our products, and high standards, Monin continually strives to be the single source provider for all your flavoring needs.

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