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Sewer D is ideal for deodorizing all types of wastewater/sewage treatment plants. It is especially beneficial in municipal treatment plants since their odors do not stem from one source. Sewer D kills all odors regardless of the source.Sewer D is extremely versatile in its applications. It can be fogged, sprayed, dripped, or poured. It is compatible with all known water & sewage treatment chemicals. Sewer D will not kill algae, aerobic or anaerobic bacteria, and is nonflammable and nontoxic. Climatic conditions do not affect Sewer D - it works well in a wet or dry environment.Sewer D is an effective odor counteractant because it facilitates the interaction and oxidizes the odor causing compounds to a higher oxidation state. These compounds in the higher oxidation state do not cause odors. Odors come from essentially two sources: the decay of organic matter such as waste products from plants or animals and from the interaction of minerals with ground acids or even water. In all cases, the conditions which give rise to odors are organic or inorganic compounds in low oxidation states. Almost without exception, those compounds with disagreeable odors are sulfides, mercaptans, amines and other organic materials in their lowest oxidation state. Attempts to control odors are generally by three methods. One is to dull or numb the olfactory nerves so that a person cannot smell at all. Another involves masking one odor with another such as perfume. The third method, the one employed by Sewer D, is to oxidize the odor causing compounds.Sewer D is extremely versatile. It may be fogged, sprayed, dripped or poured. It is compatible with all known water and sewage treatment chemicals and will not change their properties. Sewer D will not kill algae, aerobic or anaerobic bacteria. Laboratory tests have shown that application directly into activated sludge did not harm the bacteria at concentrations up to 1000 ppm. We provide Sewer D in a Summer Formula and a Winter Formula. In some parts of the country one will be appropriate for use year round but in others where extremes are common, a change of formulas is called for


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