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Marketing Description:

•A colorful combination of garden vegetables - including zucchini, carrots, vine-ripened tomatoes, celery, corn, spinach and shell pasta in a rich tomato broth accented with aged Parmesan cheese.
•Lacto-ovo vegetarian.
•Contains no meat, fish or poultry but contains eggs or dairy.'


•Campbell’s® Soups are made from the finest ingredients, for the real food taste that distinguishes a great bowl of soup. Campbell’s Soups are made with real stocks, bright crisp vegetables, no added MSG and zero grams of trans fat.

•Campbell’s® frozen condensed soups are primarily water reconstituted with the exception of our Boston Clam Chowders, New England Clam Chowders and Poblano Corn Chowders. Water reconstitution is designed to save you over $1/gallon of soup!

•Campbell’s® frozen condensed soup packaging is designed with the needs of your operation in mind. Campbell’s® split pack tray allows for quicker preparation time, allows you to make as little as ½ gallon at a time with the tray acting as a measuring device for reconstitution. The compact 3-tray ensemble allows you to offer more varieties while maximizing your freezer space.