Why is it important that your data is 1SYNC Sourced?

          1SYNC sourced data means that the data is being shared via the GDSN standardized process .

Why we use 1SYNC data sourced  via the GDSN

As the largest Global Data Synchronization Network® (GDSN®)-certified data pool 1SYNC has actively participated in the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative since its inception. The Initiative facilitates GS1 Standards adoption for complete and accurate data in the United States foodservice industry. This mission will be accomplished through voluntary individual company adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards by foodservice manufacturers, distributors, and operators. Learn more by visiting the Foodservice GS1 US Initiative’s website.

Why use 1SYNC Sourced data now?

        Easily expand your sales

        Cater to consumer tastes and needs

        Avoid rising transportation and shipping costs

        Reduce invoice errors

        Provide accurate nutritional information

        Create effective product recalls

        Increase your e-business catalog effectiveness

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